Why You Should Not Teach Guitar Lessons At Your Students’ Homes

by Tom Hess

Want to become successful as a guitar teacher? Don’t travel to your guitar students’ homes to teach lessons. (If you currently teach guitar this way, stop doing so immediately). Teaching in-home guitar lessons hurts your guitar students’ progress and limits your income.

This is one of many things new guitar teachers must learn about teaching guitar.

Question: “But Tom Hess, many guitar teachers travel to their students’ homes to teach lessons! Why is that bad if most teachers do it?”

Answer: Yes, many guitar teachers travel to their students’ homes to teach… and many guitar teachers also:

  • Struggle financially.
  • Are burned out from teaching.
  • Have few (or no) great students.
  • Have a hard time attracting new guitar students all year long.

Don’t copy what most guitar teachers do. Look at what the best guitar teachers do and learn from them.

Guitar Teaching Principles

Top 3 Reasons Why Teaching In-Home Guitar Lessons Is A Very Bad Idea For Your Guitar Students And You:

Reason #1: Your guitar students progress very slowly. Guitar students who seek in-home lessons usually care more about convenience than they do about results. These students don’t take guitar seriously enough to make real progress. They rarely become good guitar players. This reflects poorly on your reputation as a guitar teacher.

You want to be the best guitar teacher in your area, not as the most convenient one. This helps you attract the most motivated students, transform them into great musicians faster and earn more money teaching guitar.

Reason #2: Your job as a guitar teacher becomes much harder. Traveling back and forth from each students’ home puts great demands on your time and energy. This leads to overwhelm and burnout. Teaching unmotivated guitar students in a burned out state is a recipe for bad results and frustration (for your students and you).

Reason #3: You are doomed to struggle financially. This happens because:

  • You waste massive amounts of time traveling to each students’ home. You can never get that time back or leverage it to earn money.
  • You cannot teach group lessons. Fact: group guitar lessons are more effective than private 1-1 lessons…and much more lucrative for you.
  • Guitar students who prefer in-home lessons rarely remain your students for long. You waste even more time attracting new guitar students to replace those who quit.

Solution: build your own guitar teaching studio and learn how to become the best guitar teacher in your area. This reduces your stress, allows you to help a lot more people and helps you earn more money.

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