How To Join A Successful Band To Grow Your Music Career

by Tom Hess

One of the biggest shortcuts to music career success is joining a band that is already successful and doing big things. This builds your name faster and helps you achieve your other goals in the music industry.

Hint: being a great musician is not enough to join a successful band (especially if you don’t have a big name yet). You must have other skills and value to offer to become the #1 choice for the band you want to play in.

These 3 actions help you join a successful band:

Grow A Database Of Fans

Successful bands and music companies seek musicians who have already built a strong following of fans. This increases their potential to make more money via concert ticket sales and merchandise sales. Having a database of fans (who you contact on a regular basis), puts you way ahead of other musicians.

Start growing your fan base by collecting your fans’ names and e-mail addresses via your website. Offer your fans something of value in exchange (such as a free song or a behind-the-scenes look at your music).

Leverage Your Database To Sell Your Own Products

Once you have a large database, learn how to leverage it and sell music, products, concert tickets or anything else you offer to your fans. This increases your music career income and proves that you have access to actual buyers (vs. casual fans).

These achievements make you more attractive to bands and record companies, because:

  1. Record companies prefer to work with musicians who aren’t struggling financially (more on this below).
  2. Bands and record companies always look for new buyers to promote concert tickets, VIP tickets and albums to.

Want to see what else record companies look for in you? Watch this video:

Improve Your Financial Situation

Band and record companies want to minimize their expenses, reduce risk and become more profitable. They want to work with musicians who:

  1. Have achieved success in other areas of their life (besides playing their instrument well).
  2. Are likely to have many skills, resources and value to offer (besides their musical talents).
  3. Are able to pursue any opportunity (even if doesn't pay much or any money in the beginning).
  4. Are most likely to be reliable and not make irrational decisions out of financial desperation.
  5. Are most likely to stay committed to a long-term mutually-beneficial business partnership.

A stable financial situation is undeniable proof of your value in these areas.

Learn how to make more money in the music industry so you can join any band and make your music career more successful.

Tom HessAbout Tom Hess: Tom Hess is a guitar teacher, music career mentor and guitar teacher trainer. He trains musicians how to leave their day jobs and build successful fulltime careers in the music industry.

Learn how to make a living in the music business.

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