Will You Help Me Build An Online Guitar Teaching Business?

Answer: No. This coaching program does not work for online guitar teaching. 

It is strictly for you to teach guitar offline in your local area.

If you want to teach online, I cannot help you.

More importantly: 

Teaching online is a whole lot harder to be successful in than teaching guitar offline.  

Yes, I realize this sounds strange (maybe even hypocritical) - coming from someone who teaches guitar online as I do, but check this out:

Teaching online only makes sense if you: 

  • Have a dozen or so loyal and skilled employees working for you 40-60 hours per week.
  • Have a healthy, multiple-5-figure monthly budget to pay said team of employees.
  • Are ready to work 60-80 hour weeks for YEARS & build thousands of hours of lesson content before you see many dollars. (And CONTINUE making new (and improving old) lesson content all the time without ever stopping.)
  • Have the guts (and the cash) to deal with FIERCE competition online who (unlike most local teachers) understand how business works and have serious marketing budgets.
  • Can overcome the #1 challenge that kills most online teachers (extremely high student turnover) that doesn't exist offline.
  • Want to figure it all out by trial and error, without any guidance & support (because nobody smart enough to build a successful online business is dumb enough to teach you how to be his competitor) 

So, if you are tough enough to overcome each of these obstacles (as I did), then yes - you can potentially make a lot of money teaching guitar online.

But if you just want a steady, almost clockwork-like 6-figure income teaching guitar part-time, with almost no competition?

Then the Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle is for you.

That program is for guitar players who want to make money sooner rather than later and do it with next to nothing in startup costs and overhead.

The result?

A business that gives you freedom to play guitar, write songs and even tour, if you wish. All while having the cash to enjoy it all. Plus – a loyal tribe of happy students whom you become great friends with.

Or, if you want, grow your offline empire into multiple locations that (over time) make you so much green dough – you’d put most online guitar teachers to shame.


I’ve helped guitar teachers make multiple 6-figures (USD) in:

  • very small towns (less than 15,000 people), 
  • huge cities with a ton of fierce competition (like London)
  • countries with weak economies (like Slovenia) where you’d think it’s impossible to earn that kind of money

    … all by teaching guitar offline.

Here are the results: 



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