Music Career Tips For Finding Musicians To Start A Band

by Tom Hess

Got this email yesterday from a frustrated musician: 

“I am having a hard time finding musicians to start a band with. There are 0 musicians in my direct circle of influence. 

I don't personally come in contact with any musicians whatsoever. Not at home, nor in work, nor while hanging out with my friends etc. (except for my guitar students who are mostly beginners).

And if there is someone looking for musicians, they are not in my style.

So, I wonder how I'm to build any kind of career if I don’t succeed at finding musicians to start a band with with?

What do you think I should do?

(I may have the wrong mindset about this whole thing)”


My thoughts? 

He is right.

His mindset about finding musicians to start a band with is off.

That’s because he is focusing way too much on something he can’t control (the number of musicians in his area).

If his mindset about finding musicians to start a band with was better, he’d say something like:

“Hmm… I can’t find musicians I can build a music career with. 

And since I can’t do anything about this directly… what CAN I do on my own to move the needle on my career in the music industry? 

What are the things I can control?”

Now THAT is a better way to think. 

And it leads to one of the secrets of music career success few people know:

Making it in music is a lot like dating.

For example: 

If you know the type of person you want a relationship with… you better become the kind of person your ideal partner would be attracted to. 

And if you feel like our friend above about making it in music, my advice is this…

List all music career attributes you look for in musicians you want to work with.

(And I don’t mean just their musical skills.)

I mean everything from: 

- having time, money & freedom to say “yes” to music career opportunities.

- understanding how the music business works

- having a success-minded personality, ambition, work ethic & healthy habits

- relationships with other musicians and companies in the music industry


Brain dump a whole list of things… and 

Become that musician yourself!

Work on your mindset. 

Study music promotion and the music business. Build a list of fans (people who like your music). 

Write songs & play gigs (using backing tracks if necessary). Do your best to sell your records yourself (even if the number of sales is small).

Build relationships with promoters and club owners in your area. 

All the while - keep spreading the word all over your area about who you are, what you do and what you have to offer.

How To Find The Right Musicians For Your Band

Is this going to magically breed more like-minded musicians in your area?


But if there ARE any, you better believe they are just as eager to find people like you as you are to find them. 

And if you do the things I said, you’ll be way more likely to meet each other on your journey. 

Worst case?

You can always broaden your search to outside your area (using the mighty interwebz). 

Or move to a nearby (larger) city if you wish. 

But guess what: your career accomplishments, skills and knowledge will move with you. 

And you won’t be starting over from zero.

Do this and you almost can’t fail. 

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Tom Hess
About Tom Hess: Tom Hess is a guitar teacher, music career mentor and guitar teacher trainer. He trains musicians how to leave their day jobs and build successful full-time careers in the music industry.

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