5 Reasons Why You Haven’t Made It In The Music Business Yet

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Why is it that only a very small number of people ever become professional musicians out of the very large number of people who want to? Simply wanting to become a professional musician is not going to help you if you don’t do all of the other things needed to achieve your goals. Many musicians wrongly assume that simply “having good musical skills” will ensure their success in the music industry. Fact is, because there are plenty of “good musicians” in the world…but only a small number of those go pro.

There are 5 main reasons why you haven’t made it in the music business yet:

Reason #1: You Aren’t DEMANDING Success “From Yourself”

Before other companies will invest their money and resources into you and before other successful bands and musicians decide to work with you, they spend time “watching” you and observing what kind of a person you are. If they see you complaining about “lack of opportunities” in the music industry, sitting around and “waiting/expecting” for things to happen TO you, you will be crossed off the list of potential partners, investments or band members considered for the next big opportunity. As a result, those who complain about lack of opportunities in the music business almost always end up with ZERO opportunities - a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Free Music Career Test
Free Music Career Test
Free Music Career Test

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On the other hand, if you proactively DEMAND greatness “from yourself” and take the ultimate responsibility for your music career success, you quickly go to the top of the list of musicians that the music industry wants to work with. Demanding greatness from yourself does NOT mean “building your music career on your own”. Instead, it means CONSISTENTLY doing everything that is within YOUR total control to make your music career more successful and add more value to the music industry (such as getting music career success training). When you take BIG actions that show initiative, ambition, drive and self-reliance, you become the prime candidate for even BIGGER music career opportunities with other companies in the industry.

How to become a professional musician. Reason #2: You Haven’t Defined What Success In The Music Industry MEANS To You

Before you can become successful, you need to DEFINE the success you want for yourself in the music industry. Until/unless you do this, you won’t be able to design any plan of action for getting yourself where you want to go.

As obvious as this advice sounds, most musicians do NOT do this. The main reason why is the false belief that there exist only 2 levels of “success” in music: you either “make it” as a professional musician (become a rock star making millions of dollars), or you don’t (and are forced to play at dumpy bars/street corners to pay the rent). This could not be further from the truth. Fact is, there is a huge “middle class” of musicians. These professionals are not the most famous, but they earn a very good, secure and stable living in music. This is GREAT news for you for 2 reasons:

1. It is not nearly as hard to earn good money in music as you may have thought. Once you realize this (and take the necessary transitional steps for this to happen), you can kiss your day job goodbye and start making a living as a professional musician.

2. There are MANY ways to make money in the music business (especially in the music industry of today), so there are many possibilities to map out for yourself the exact blueprint towards the music career you really want. To learn how to do this, read this music career success article.

Reason #3: You Aren’t 100% Committed To Your Success…Even If You Think You Are

After you defined exactly WHAT your true goals are in the music industry, you must pursue them with nothing less than 100% commitment and a HUGE sense of urgency. Furthermore, you must be able to stay 100% committed to your goals, even when challenges arise and the “fumes of short-term excitement” of starting a new project have worn off.

Hint: actions speak much louder than words. Don’t waste time trying to “convince” record companies, bands or other musicians with your words about your commitment - show them PROOF of it through your “actions” and reputation.

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Here is where the VAST majority of musicians get this point WAY wrong. They assume that merely “trying” or “working hard” will get them noticed in the music industry and help them become successful. Although “working hard” is important, it is equally important to “work smart”. Before record companies invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into you, they need to see that you are actually “on track” towards success in our career…vs. relying on guesswork and trial and error to navigate the music industry.

One of the surest ways to display proof of your commitment is by investing into mentoring on how to build your music career. This shows companies that you are not only “serious” and committed” to succeeding, but are actually pursuing your goal in an intelligent and strategic way - making them a whole lot more excited about working with you.

Find out if you are truly prepared to pursue a successful music career.

Reason #4: You Don’t Know What The Music Industry Looks For In You

Too many musicians make the mistake of believing that the music industry is only looking for them to possess “good musical skills”. This mindset is one of the reasons why so many of these musicians never reach any level of success. While being a great musician is definitely something record companies are looking for, they are actually looking for so much more than merely your musical skills! Your good musical skills are only 1 out of 22 things that record companies are looking for in you. Watch the video below to find out the other 21 things the record industry is looking for in you:

Learn how to become the right person that people in the music industry want to work with by reading this article on how to become a professional musician.

Reason #5: You Aren’t Directly Working On Developing The Skills, Mindsets And Attitudes That The Music Industry Wants From You

While understanding the things the music industry wants from you is a good start, it will not help you if you aren’t actively working to develop these things within yourself. Taking action and putting in a ton of ass-kicking, hard work to develop these elements will act as PROOF of your commitment, perseverance and potential to the gate keepers in the music business.

To make yourself irresistible to the music industry, start working with a music career mentor who has reached high levels of success in the music industry and has helped hundreds of other musicians build their own music careers.

Accelerate your music career by working with me in my music careers mentoring program.

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