Question: I made a website for my guitar teaching studio about a year ago, but it doesn’t really seem to work. What am I doing wrong? I come up on the first page on Google, but still get no calls for lessons. Could you take a look at my site and help?

Tom Hess's Answer: Being on the first page at google is nice, but it doesn’t mean you are automatically going to get any new guitar students. Prospective guitar students are not ‘converting’ into becoming your actual students because your website (in terms of marketing at least) SUCKS! Please don’t be offended, I am not saying that YOU suck. I’m not saying that you are not a good guitar teacher (I do not know your guitar teaching skills yet), but your marketing efforts at your website simply suck.

Most guitar teachers have no clue how to market themselves as guitar teachers. It’s not because they are not talented people, it’s simply because they do not have the marketing know-how to attract a lot of new guitar students.

Sometimes a mediocre guitar teacher (with little teaching experience) can have a full teaching schedule while a much better guitar teacher can be struggling because he/she does not understand how to market themselves effectively.

While quickly looking at your website I saw several common mistakes…

#1. The website was all about ‘you’. (people want to know what’s in it for them, they could care less about YOU, ME or any other guitar teacher they are seeing for the first time). Make your website about THEM, NOT YOU!

#2. You described the logistics of how your guitar lessons work (nobody cares about these details at this point).

#3. There were no photos on your website. People want to know you are a REAL PERSON. Most will not respond to a “web site” but they may respond to an authentic human being… your site was missing that totally.

There were many other damaging mistakes at your website which I know are killing your chances to get a lot more guitar students.

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