Constantin Einzmann

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Location:  Augsburg, Germany
Style Metal, Rock, Blues
mp3 Facing The Storm
TH Song

Constantin has played guitar since he was twelve years old. He loves old school heavy metal and rock such as Iron Maiden, Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, AC/DC, etc.

Among his favorite players are Yngwie Malmsteen, Joe Satriani and Jeff Loomis. He gathered a lot of live experience during eight years playing in a metal cover band. Currently he is focusing on songwriting and teaching music to others.

About Taking Guitar Lessons To Improve Your Skills:

Constantin is not the only guitar player to take lessons with Tom Hess and achieve big results in their guitar playing.

No matter what level you are at in your guitar playing right now, it is a great idea to work with a guitar teacher in order to overcome difficult problems, improve your playing and do it all in much less time that you would on your own.

Common problem with learning guitar on your own:

You end up running into problems that you don't have the answers for and aren’t sure exactly what you need to do to fix them quickly.

For example, working with an experienced guitar teacher gives you the answer to problems like:

Not knowing what to practice or how to practice it in order to reach your musical goals.

Consistently making mistakes while playing guitar solos or licks which prevent them from sounding as good as they should.

Being able to play guitar solos but not able to make them sound as musically expressive as you’d like.

Not knowing how often to practice or which skills you need to get better at.

Making slow progress and feeling unmotivated to continue practicing guitar.

Struggling with anxiety while performing guitar for other people.

Take guitar lessons and get the answers to all these problems so you can become a great player and have fun doing it.

You’ll be glad you did it too.


Taking lessons with a guitar teacher is much more fun than learning by yourself. Not only do you learn what to do and how to do it – you get continuous coaching, training and mentoring in order to keep you motivated along the way.

This makes learning guitar incredibly fun and effortless compared to the struggle of learning on your own.

With this in mind, understand one thing:

Waiting to begin taking guitar lessons only holds you back and guarantees slower progress

The longer you wait, the longer you have to wait to play guitar the way you always wanted.

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