5 Things To Practice On Guitar To Improve Your Live Performance

by Tom Hess

The best way to put on amazing live performances as a guitar player is to be well-prepared. Practicing guitar specifically for performance is different than regular practice, and is essential for avoiding embarrassing mistakes on stage.

Here are just a few things to practice to improve your live guitar playing fast:

1. Quickly Recovering From Your Mistakes

Making mistakes while performing is totally natural. However, not knowing how to adjust to them can be a disaster for your set. Practice purposefully inserting mistakes into the songs you will be playing and recovering from it. This prepares you to quickly get back into sync with the music and respond without feeling shocked or embarrassed.

2. Adjusting To Lighting

Lighting on stage can be unpredictable. Practice playing guitar without looking at your instrument, so you don't become lost when there is low lighting or you can’t see your guitar for any reason.

3. Playing Without Being Able To Hear Yourself

It’s very easy to get off track when you can’t hear yourself for a brief (or not brief) moment. Practice in a room separate from your amp to get used to times when you are unable to hear yourself.

4. Moving Around While Playing

It’s rare that you will perform on stage while sitting down. Get used to practicing guitar while standing and walking around. This way you are able to truly perform the music and inspire your audience!

5. Stage Fright

Everyone feels a little nervous sometimes before preforming on stage. One of the best ways to prevent this from affecting your performance is to treat each show like a competition (with yourself). Try to improve different aspects of your performance each time you play. This, combined with playing more frequently massively reduces nervousness and let’s you enjoy playing much more.

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