Everything Sounds Good, But I'm Still Skeptical.

It’s ok to be skeptical. Actually, a reasonable amount of skepticism is a good thing. Many EGTIC members were skeptical too before they joined the program. 

I find there are 3 things people are generally skeptical of when it comes to building a guitar teaching business and getting guitar teacher training:

- The potential to build a guitar teaching business in your area. My answer to that is: 

If there are other guitar teachers where you live (or you live in a huge city with a ton of competition), this proves there is a lot of demand for guitar lessons. And if you know how to position yourself so you stand out from those other guitar teachers, it’s not hard to build a successful guitar teaching business. 

If you live in a tiny town with a small population and few (or no) guitar teachers, it gets a bit harder. But it’s still very possible. (I helped guitar teachers earn multiple 6-figures in a town with less than 20,000 people.)

Guitar is one of the most popular instruments in the world. And if people in your area spend money on entertainment (going to movies, eating out at restaurants, online subscriptions)… there are also likely to spend money on guitar lessons. 

- Me and my ability to train, coach and mentor you to build a guitar teaching business. All you have to do is look at feedback from guitar teachers who were skeptical like you and the results they achieved in their business.

See their feedback lower on this page. 

Plus, you can study many of the free guitar teaching resources on my website and make up your mind about me. 

- Yourself – you may wonder if you have what it takes to build a guitar teaching business, based your situation, background or unique challenges. 

If so, email me at hess@tomhess.net and let’s talk about your situation. I promise, if I can’t help you – I’ll be the first to let you know. 

Is Tom Hess Guitar Teacher Training Worth It? I'm Skeptical





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