What You Must Do To Easily Overcome Your Music Career Challenges

By Tom Hess

A massive part of your music career success is determined by the beliefs you hold and actions you take based on these beliefs. Failing to achieve your musical goals all begins from negative, disempowering and negative thoughts that lead you down the wrong path.

For example:

You’ve probably received well-meaning, but misguided advice from friends or family about how you should or should not grow your music career. Every musician who has every succeeded has heard the same myths, like: “You need to get a degree in something other than music in case it doesn’t work out,” “The only way to make money in music is by performing on street corners,” “The music business is too risky, you need to get a real job that provides security,” etc.

When you believe these myths about the music industry (as many people do), you doom your music career to failure before it even starts.

How To Change Your Beliefs And Build A Very Successful Music Career

Find successful musicians and hang out with them. You massively increase your chances for success in the music industry when you hang out with people who share your same goals, have achieved the things you want to achieve and are willing to share their experiences.

I know this is true, because I’ve spent many years watching the progress of the musicians who join my Music Careers Mentoring Program and participate on the forum. Finding a group of like-minded musicians like this keeps your mind full of empowering thoughts that fuel your music career while giving you new insights when you aren’t sure what to do next.

Bottom line: Find other like-minded musicians who empower you to grow your music career and don’t listen to the advice of people who aren’t successful musicians and have no idea what working in the music industry is really like.

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