Why Beating Your Music Career Competitors Is Very, VERY Easy To Do…Here Is How To Do it

By Tom Hess

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Free Music Career Test
Free Music Career Test

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True or false: You are in competition with thousands of musicians to get the music career opportunities you want.

True or false: One of your biggest challenges in the music industry is overcoming all the massive competition you face in order to make it.

Both statements are…FALSE!

Truth is, you have very little competition in the music industry. Record company executives desperately seek musicians to offer lucrative record contracts to… but they struggle to find people who are worthy of such a deal. Yes, you read correctly. 

This is very GOOD news for you. It means that becoming successful in the music business is not nearly as hard as you might believe right now and you don't need to worry about other musicians in the music industry (more on this below).

Free Music Career Test
Free Music Career Test
Free Music Career Test

Take It Now

Musicians who always make it in the music business do not care about their competition. They focus on becoming the right type of person that record companies are attracted to. This makes it very easy to get music career opportunities that other musicians only dream about.

Do you have the personality and mindset that record companies look for? Take this 2-minute music career assessment to learn how to become the person record companies want to work with and give awesome opportunities to.

Beating Your Music Career Competitors


Why Being Afraid Of Your “Competition” Sabotages Your Music Career

Fact: Most musicians talk themselves out of any chance for success in the music industry. They falsely believe that their “competition” is far more significant than it is. These musicians think: “why bother?” and “there is sooooo much competition out there, it’s useless for me to even try to become successful.”

This is similar to the “mutually assured destruction” concept of nuclear arms race during the Cold War. During the Cold War, both the USSR and the USA had enough nuclear weapons to destroy each other. Yet neither country used their weapons, fearing devastating retaliation from the other side.

Musicians fear their competition the same way the USA and USSR feared each other.

Competition? What Competition?

Overcoming your music industry competition is very, very easy to do. The first step is to let go of your fear. This becomes easy when you learn who your perceived "competitors" really are.

The vast majority of musicians have attitudes, habits and beliefs that make success impossible. These include:

  1. Fear Of Failure. Many musicians fear what happens “if they try and it doesn't work out”. They fear not earning enough money to support themselves through music. They fear looking like a failure, being too old, not being talented enough, not having enough opportunities in their city (among other things).

These musicians focus their time and resources on avoiding failure instead of moving towards success. They either do nothing at all to build their careers or try to build a backup plan that pulls them away from their true goals.

This music career article explains why traditional musical career backup plans fail (and what to do about it).

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  1. Fear Of Success (Yes, You Read Correctly). Musicians who fear success sabotage themselves on the brink of a big breakthrough in their careers. They worry about:
  • What others will think when they become successful.
  • Whether they are worthy of big success.
  • How hard it will be to sustain their success after they make it.

This fear stops many musicians with GREAT potential from reaching their goals.

This music career article helps you overcome fears that hold you back from success.

  1. Fake Passion And Desire. Many musicians say they want to be successful, but they don’t want it bad enough. Most aren’t proactively working on creating their success. They wait for success to simply happen to them. Others fake their desire by becoming reckless. They live their lives as starving artists, expecting success to come after they struggle long enough.

Music companies can easily see if your desire is fake or real. They pay attention to your actions much more than to your words and intentions. Hint: wanting success bad enough does not mean you must struggle for years before you make it. (More on this below).

  1. Procrastination. Many musicians complain that they don’t know what to do to grow their careers. Fact is, figuring out what to do is not hard. Getting yourself to DO the right things is the much bigger challenge.

Common example: many musicians agree that a proven music career mentor would help their careers grow much faster and easier. Yet very few musicians get music career training of any kind. The rest say: “I can’t afford it” or “I'm too busy for music career training” or “I'm not ready for mentoring right now” or “I’ll probably do it later”.

These reasons are simply excuses to justify procrastination, fake commitment and fear. We all have time and money for things that matter most to us. Yet it’s much easier to make excuses than to do what it takes to become successful…

  1. Lack Of Commitment. It takes long-term commitment and perseverance to reach ambitious goals. Most musicians lose sight of their goals when faced with adversity, challenges and frustrations. Their commitment fades away and they stop taking action. 

99.5% of musicians have or do at least some of these things. These qualities instantly disqualify them from receiving big opportunities to grow their careers. 

The Key To Your Music Career Success

Want to elevate yourself to the top 0.5% of all musicians in the world? Overcome the simple issues that kill your music career success. This instantly lifts you to the top of your so-called competition. Yes, it’s really that simple!

How to stop self-sabotage in your music career and set yourself up for success in the music industry:

  1. Learn to choose what matters. You must choose to do the things that move your career forward. Learn what you need to do to become successful. Then commit to taking consistent action on what you learn.
  2. Learn the difference between an expense and an investment. An expense takes money out of your pocket (or time out of your life) and that money/time never comes back to you. Paying for high-speed internet, mobile phone or cable TV are examples of financial expenses. Spending time on Facebook, partying or watching TV are examples of time expenses.

An investment is something you invest your money (or time) into to get long-term value in return. Investing time to learn about the music industry, getting music career training, joining a music business mastermind group are examples of investments into your music career.

You must seek to minimize expenses and maximize investments.

Fact: there is no such thing as “no time” or “no money” to do something. There are only choices you make with your time and money. Be honest with yourself about your priorities and act accordingly.

  1. Replace “I should” with “I must”. Stop saying: “I should invest more into my music career” or “I should stop procrastinating on reaching my goals” or “I should learn more about the music business”. Saying “should” gives you a way out and makes it easy to avoid taking action. This mindset lacks urgency and commitment.

Hint: this is the mindset that most of your competitors have. This is why they virtually always fail.

Successful pro musicians think and act with a much higher sense of urgency. They say “I MUST invest more time into my music career”, “I MUST stop procrastinating on reaching my goals” and “I MUST learn more about the music business.” This mindset refuses to accept anything but success. It ignites the fire under your butt to do what you must do to make it in the music business.

These simple changes in your attitude make it easy to beat your competition and become a successful professional musician.

Want to know if you are on the right track towards your music career goals? Take this 2-minute music career assessment to learn exactly what you need to do to achieve incredible success in your music career.

Learn how to make a living in the music business.

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