How To Get Better Results For Your Guitar Students By Training Them To Practice Effectively At Home

by Tom Hess

Your guitar students do not make the majority of their progress during their lessons with you. They become better guitarists by practicing effectively at home.

Check out this video to learn how to teach your guitar students to practice effectively on their own:

Help your guitar students get results from their practice at home following this general process used in the video:

  1. Have the student play the practice item they are struggling with.
  2. Observe where the student is making mistakes. Show them how to fix one of the mistakes they made (Note: without overwhelming them with too much information at once).
  3. Have them isolate their mistake and practice it in front of you as you instructed.
  4. As they practice in front of you, make sure they continue practicing as instructed. Have them repeat the isolated section many times, as seen in the video. This does not take long and ensures they will practice correctly at home while helping them gain confidence that they CAN get better.
  5. Repeat this process with the other mistakes you’ve observed.

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