How YOU Can Become A Guitar Teacher Who Earns $100,000+ Per Year & Transforms Average Guitar Students Into Great Players

How To Keep Your Guitar
Students Taking Lessons
With You For Years
How To Keep Your Guitar Students Taking Lessons With You For Years eGuide

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Fact: whether you’ve been teaching guitar for 30 years or have yet to teach your very first guitar lesson, you have the potential to achieve MASSIVE success and make tons of money with guitar teaching.

Any guitar teacher who earns 6-figures is no smarter than you, has no more talents or potential than you and has faced the same (or greater) challenges than you from guitar teaching.

So what is the difference between a 6-figure earning guitar teacher (whose guitar students make the average guitar teacher drool with envy) and everyone else? If you answered with: “the successful guitar teacher knows or does things differently”, you are only half right.

How To Keep Your Guitar
Students Taking Lessons
With You For Years
How To Keep Your Guitar Students Taking Lessons With You For Years eGuide

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Yes, the successful guitar teacher almost always has specialized guitar teacher training... but that is only half of what enables them to dominate their competitors. The other half consists of fundamental internal qualities and attitudes common to champions in all walks of life.

When these qualities are combined with proven training and strategies on how to teach guitar, the resulting success is highly predictable.

Here are the 5 elements you must have to become a massively successful guitar teacher:

Winning Guitar Teaching Quality #1 - A Champion’s Mindset Of Total Confidence

No successful guitar teacher with a lot of guitar students EVER ask himself any of the following questions:

  • Do I have enough talent as a guitarist to get started teaching guitar?
  • Is it even possible to become a guitar teacher and quit my day job to teach guitar lessons exclusively?

    5 Elements Needed To Become A Successful Guitar Teacher
  • Can I really earn a lot of money (such as 100k+ per year) from guitar teaching alone?
  • How long does it take until I make a full-time living with guitar teaching?

The above guitar teaching questions convey insecurity, weakness and self-doubt - subconsciously programming your mind to prepare for failure as a guitar teacher.

A champion guitar teacher has replaced low-quality guitar teaching questions (that assume “failure”) with the RIGHT guitar teaching questions that set them up for the highest levels of guitar teaching success. For example:

  • What do I have to do to learn how to teach guitar better and more effectively than any other guitar teacher in my area?
  • What are the best guitar teaching strategies I can use to build a successful guitar teaching business and make 100k+ annually?
  • What steps do I need to take to get a full schedule of guitar students and phase out my non guitar teaching day job?
  • How can I ensure that my guitar teaching business continues to grow and expand, no matter the state of the economy, the size of my city’s population or the amount of guitar teaching competition in my area?

Notice that the guitar teaching questions above come from a place of strength, self-confidence and “proactive expectation” of success as a guitar teacher.

Asking these higher-quality questions will lead one to the exact solutions that will MAKE success as a guitar teacher possible.

Winning Guitar Teaching Quality #2 - A “Sink Or Swim” Attitude

A champion guitar teacher builds his businesses with overwhelming intensity and sense of urgency. Champions feel that they MUST succeed as if their lives depended on it… as if they would literally DIE if they didn't reach their guitar teaching business goals.

This “sink or swim” attitude about their guitar teaching business is what drives the champion guitar teacher to take MASSIVE action, leaving them no choice but to achieve equally MASSIVE guitar teaching success.

Massive action means not only working “harder” on your guitar teaching business, but working SMARTER - such as seeking out guitar teacher training to eliminate wasted time from trial and error and take the only proven shortcut to guitar teaching success.

Note: the sense of urgency and intensity is ONLY made possible as a result of having the CHAMPION guitar teacher mindset and having strong belief in your ability to achieve guitar teaching success.

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Winning Guitar Teaching Quality #3 - Rock-Solid Work Ethic & Dedication

As with any skill (or business), becoming a great guitar teacher, making tons of money and knowing how to get the absolute best results for your guitar students takes a LOT of hard work and dedication.

If you want to become the most successful guitar teacher in your area, you had better be ready to do “whatever it takes” for as long as it takes to reach your guitar teaching goals.

Most importantly, you must embrace the cardinal rule all champions live by:

“The price of success is ALWAYS paid in advance”.

Your work ethic as a guitar teacher is your ability to sustain your massive sense of urgency over the long-term until you reach the level of guitar teaching success you want.

Good news is that such guitar teaching work ethic can absolutely be developed and strengthened by:

  • Knowing WHAT to do to become a highly successful guitar teacher. When you are confident that the path you are on will lead to guitar teaching success, it becomes so much easier to bring yourself to do the work involved in reaching your goal as a guitar teacher.
  • Having a supportive group around you of other like-minded guitar teachers who are either already HUGELY successful or are well on their way to building their guitar teaching empires in their areas. Such a guitar teaching group can help you a lot with overcomign challenges you face when teaching guitar.

    Problem is, it extraordinarily hard to find, since your average guitar teacher is barely making ends meet financially, has a pessimistic mindset and lacks ambition to reach true guitar teaching success. However, when you belong to a network of guitar teaching champions, you will find it infinitely easier to reach the same status as a guitar teacher.

Winning Guitar Teaching Quality #4. Very High Standards & Intolerance For Mediocrity

To become a great guitar teacher you must treat your business like a... “business” – NOT like a “hobby” or like a “job”. To do this, you must:

  • Create and enforce a STRONG lesson policy that expresses your serious expectations to your guitar students (learn more about this in this article on making money as a guitar teacher). Contrary to popular belief, doing this will give you MORE (highly committed) guitar students and will make your business MORE stable and profitable.
  • Demand and expect greatness from your guitar students. This does NOT mean you must demand that every guitar student you teach becomes a virtuoso - it means to expect each guitar student to reach whatever goals he/she has set for themselves. This mindset will automatically help you achieve better results with your guitar students in 2 ways:

A. you will be forced to become the very best guitar teacher you can be…in order to guide your guitar students through the process of reaching their goals.

B. You will start attracting more serious guitar students - those who will practice more and take your lessons more seriously. This will build your reputation as the #1 guitar teacher in your area FAST.

What NOT to say in your guitar teaching policy: Do NOT offer make-up lessons (for lessons your guitar students miss).

Here is why:

Make-up lessons make guitar students feel "ok" about not practicing, skipping lessons and not taking their guitar playing (or your time) seriously. This hurts their progress and leaves you less time for your most committed guitar students. 

Instead of make-up lessons, you can let your guitar students choose their lesson time from multiple time slots each week. If you teach group classes, this is very simple to do, requires zero extra work and makes your life awesome.  (I can teach you how to set this up inside the Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle). This also makes your guitar lessons ultra convenient for busy guitar students (and their parents) and eliminates any need for make-up lessons.  

Note: not offering make-up lessons may turn off certain types of guitar students. But guitar students who stay will be a joy to work with, will improve very fast and will help grow your reputation as a guitar teacher.

Winning Guitar Teaching Quality #5. Unwavering Patience

Building your guitar teaching business form “zero” (or from very low level of success) to multiple 6-figure level will not happen overnight. The work involved may often seem overwhelming and discouraging. It is this initial overwhelm that prevents your average guitar teacher from even “getting started” and keeps them down at mediocre level. Here is why no guitar teacher from the top 1% falls prey to this initial frustration:

  1. They are able to see the bigger picture and realize that the early struggle to get their business off the ground is a small price to pay for the success they desperately desire.
  2. They understand that the work involved in building a thriving teaching business is only hard in the beginning. The more successful you become, the “easier” it is to attain the next level of success in your business. This is true both for making a lot of money teaching guitar, as well as for helping your guitar students to achieve great results in their playing.
  3. They are smart enough to realize that they “don’t know what they don’t know” and seek the guidance they need to build their guitar teaching businesses in the most effective way possible.

Now that you know the 5 elements needed for becoming a massively successful guitar teacher, begin putting them into practice by getting guitar teacher training so you can take your teaching business to the highest level.

Earn a 6-figure income teaching guitar by getting trained by the #1 guitar teacher trainer.

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