Question: I want to know how to build guitar speed and improve my stamina. I want to have the confidence for playing fast solos. I need to learn exercises which would help me to do so.

Tom Hess's Answer: To quickly increase your current guitar speed by 100%, download this free guitar speed resource and apply the concepts discussed within it. To develop better stamina so that you can play guitar fast for long periods of time, focus on relaxing your body and hands after playing each note. To do this, play through a lick or exercise (such as a scale sequence) in “speed bursts”. Break up a longer exercise into short bursts of notes, and play each burst at your top speed, pausing in between each one. Between each burst - relax completely and continue with another burst. See a demonstration of this in this article on making fast guitar playing feel easy. By playing guitar with as little tension as necessary, you use much less energy and will not become fatigued very quickly.

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