Question: Hey Tom Hess, I read your article about clean guitar playing and I'm still confused about how to achieve clean playing. I play guitar every single day for HOURS and HOURS and hardly ever improve. I make mistakes all the time and it’s very aggravating... How can I become an amazing guitarist and clean player?

Tom Hess's Answer: See a demonstration of how to clean up your guitar playing by watching this guitar picking video.

As you read in the article you mentioned (and will see in the video), you must mute any unused strings using both hands. In the picking hand, use your thumb to mute the strings that are below (in pitch) the string you are playing on and your fretting hand to lightly dampen the unused strings above the one you are playing on.

If you practice guitar for many hours every day and still do not make improvement, you are either using ineffective practice methods, poor technique or both. However, since you are not currently a guitar student of mine, I don’t know what exactly you are doing, so I am unable to give you specific feedback on your playing. Working with a guitar teacher to correct your playing mistakes is the fastest way to become a great guitarist.

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