Question: How do you creatively use your guitar technique to play a super awesome guitar solo?

Tom Hess's Answer: Simple, you must actively practice integrating your technique together with guitar soloing. In other words, do not exclusively practice improving guitar technique in complete isolation from other aspects of your playing (such as soloing) - Invest time into your guitar phrasing and aural skills, while applying the technical skills you already possess. For example, while practicing scales, do not simply run up and down the fretboard. Practice making your scales sound as musically creative as possible by using varying note rhythms, vibrato, bends, sequences or other techniques. See a demonstration of this in this video about making guitar solos sing.

Additionally, whenever you are soloing, focus on getting as much musical expression as possible out of every note you play. Over time, this will force you to play much higher quality guitar phrases, and your soloing will sound much better overall. To get started applying this into your playing right now, use the exercise in this guitar licks article.

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