Question: I can't find many songs that I can play that will improve my skill. Also I want to play guitar a lot like Wild Nothing - Summer Holiday and Explosions in the sky - The Birth and the Death of the Day. What pedals should I get to sound like those songs and sound like post-rock ish, and what are some really good Lead and Rhythm (mainly lead) songs I can play?

Tom Hess's Answer: To improve your skills by playing guitar like your favorite pro musicians, you should NOT be focusing on what gear they use. Instead, if you want to play guitar like your favorite artists, you should study what it is that makes them GREAT (this is not their gear, but their style, technique, musicianship, etc.). Read this guitar playing analysis of Steve Vai, this Yngwie Malmsteen guitar lesson and this John Petrucci guitar style article to see exactly how you should be studying your favorite players.

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