6 Guitar Teaching Questions That Help You Get More Guitar Students

By Tom Hess

Questions-That-Get-You-Guitar-StudentsWant more guitar students? The first step is to stop copying what other guitar teachers do. Most guitar teachers set themselves up for failure when they look for new students. They lack ambition, ask the wrong questions and take small actions to grow their business. This makes it impossible to attract (and keep) a large number of students.

The second step is to ask yourself the right questions. These questions shape the strategy of your guitar teaching business. This helps you attract motivated guitar students, turn them into great guitarists faster and earn a lot of money in the process.

Asking these questions helps you fill your guitar teaching schedule with students:

How To Get More Guitar Students

Question #1: How Many Guitar Students Do I Ultimately Want To Have?

Start your guitar teaching business with the end in mind. Set an ambitious long-term goal for yourself and work backwards to where you are now. This helps you choose the right guitar teaching models to teach lots of students without burning out (more on this below).

Most guitar teachers are only concerned with getting the next 1-2 students. Their thinking rarely extends beyond the current month. They don’t plan for the long-term (how many guitar students they want to have 2-3 years from now).

This creates several problems:

  1. You paint yourself into a corner. Without a long-term goal, your business reaches a plateau.
  2. You burn yourself out by working a lot more than necessary to get a small result. This happens to most guitar teachers who are ambitious, but don’t have a real strategy for growing their business.

Deciding in advance how many guitar students you want to teach eliminates these problems.

Question #2: How Can I Attract The Ideal Guitar Students?

Not all guitar students are created equal. The ideal guitar students are the ones who:

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  • Want to learn the exact styles you teach
  • Are very self-motivated
  • Respect you and your lesson policies
  • Have money to invest in guitar lessons
  • Consistently practice guitar on their own
  • Implement everything you teach them
  • Remain your students for a long time
  • Are loyal to you

Guitar students who meet these criteria become great guitar players quickly.

To attract the right students, learn how these students think, how they behave and what they look for in a guitar teacher. Next, structure your advertising (and guitar lessons) to appeal strongly to that group of people. (Guitar teacher training helps you do this.)

The way you advertise your guitar lessons and enforce your guitar lesson policy determine what type of guitar students you attract.

Question #3: How Can I Become The #1 Guitar Teacher In My Area?

Becoming the most successful guitar teacher in your area is not about being better than your competition. It’s about being so good that your competition becomes irrelevant.

Fact: It doesn't take much to be better than the average guitar teacher.

Most (average) guitar teachers:

  • Have zero training on how to teach guitar.
  • Think their main job is to “teach guitar lessons”.
  • Don’t truly care about the results of their guitar students.
  • Teach lessons using inferior teaching formats.
  • Treat teaching guitar like a job. They do the bare minimum to keep their students from quitting.

Improving any one of these elements makes you better than average, but it doesn’t make you the best. Being #1 requires ongoing commitment to excellence in every aspect of your guitar teaching and business. This makes you the only choice for serious guitar students in your area.

Question #4: How Can I Convert More Of The People Who Contact Me To Become My Guitar Students?

Guitar students who contact you about lessons are only potential students. Turning potential students into actual students is called conversion. You must have strategies for mastering this area of your guitar teaching business. Leaving this step of the process to chance makes it hard to fill your teaching schedule with students.

This guitar teaching eGuide helps you get a lot more prospective students to start guitar lessons with you.

Question #5: How Can I Help Guitar Students Make The Correct Buying Decision?

Most guitar students think that guitar teachers (and guitar lessons) are all the same. This is why the top 2 questions guitar teachers get asked are:

  1. How much do your guitar lessons cost?
  2. Where are you located?

With this criteria, many students look for the cheapest guitar teacher who is closest to where they live. Worst of all, most guitar teachers wrongly assume that lowest price matters greatly to their students. False!

To fill your guitar teaching schedule, you must help your prospective students select a guitar teacher based on the right criteria. Show them that:

  • Guitar lessons are NOT all the same. Some guitar teachers are much better than others.
  • “Price per lesson” is irrelevant. All that matters is the cost of getting the result your students want. Illustrate the cost in terms of money and time to make this point easy to understand.
  • You are the best-qualified guitar teacher to help your students reach their goals for the smallest overall cost.

Note: Of course you must tell the truth here. If you are not confident in your guitar teaching skills, get guitar teacher training to learn to teach guitar effectively.

Question #6: How Can I Keep My Guitar Students For A Long Time?

Fact: having a lot of guitar students isn’t just about getting a lot of new students. It’s also about keeping the guitar students you have for as long as possible. Keeping your students longer enables you to:

  • Add more musical value to their lives and make them awesome guitarists faster.
  • Earn a lot more money from each student throughout their relationship with you.
  • Grow the number of guitar students you have much faster. You can do this more easily because you aren’t constantly replacing students who quit with new students.

Focus on keeping all your guitar students for as long as possible. This changes your relationship with your current and prospective students. You become motivated to constantly add value to the students you already have. You must also learn to pre-educate new students on the benefit of continuing guitar lessons for a long time. This helps your students reach their goals faster and it helps you grow your business.

What you should do right now:

Ask yourself the questions in this article to analyze your guitar teaching business strategy. Make a plan of action and refine your methods for getting new guitar students. Implement this plan consistently to grow your business fast.

This free guitar teaching eGuide helps you get a lot more new guitar students. 

Learn how to fill your guitar teaching schedule with students.

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