Chayakorn Jindawech (Poh)

Student Type:   Breakthrough Guitar Lessons Online,
Music Careers Mentoring Program, Practice Generator
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Styles: Metal/Blues/Rock
mp3 Everyday Solo
Violent Crachit's Theme Song
D-Day (Sample)

Poh began to play the guitar as a hobby during his early teenage years. Like most teenagers, he searched to find something new and exciting to do besides the everyday study. While Poh had ambition and a desire to find the meaning to life, he was hopelessly lost in trying to discover his musical path.

Everything changed for Poh the first time he heard the guitar playing of SLASH - one of the most prominent figures in the classic lineup of Guns N Roses! Instantly, Poh became hooked, and with this newly found interest, he borrowed every rock DVD that his friend had and started to dedicate his life to playing amazing music. From that day on, Poh spent every spare moment listening to as much of 80's rock music as he could, and began to slowly learn some of his favorite songs. 

The knowledge he gained only made him more hungry to study the guitar on a higher level as opposed to just playing his favorite songs. Poh searched out professional guitar teachers and studied with them in his local area. The more he learned, the more he wanted to know. Fortunately, he came across Tom Hess who had a big impact on Poh's guitar playing. From studying guitar in Tom's online guitar lessons, Poh has seen much improvement in his guitar playing ability and his overall music life. 

Recently, Poh has been composing songs with his band "The Golden Axe" and started creating a demo for record labels in Thailand. He has also been studying in Tom Hess's music careers program to grow and advance his music career further.

“I have been studying with Tom Hess for almost a year now, and the skills and methods that I have learned from Tom Hess have been essential for my guitar playing. I believe I could not have gained such knowledge over the past years in such a short amount of time by working on everything alone with any other guitar mentor. Mr. Hess has not only taught me the important physical guitar playing techniques, but also some of the powerful mental elements needed by every musician to aid in their overall performance and success."

“Some choose to look to the Bible for guidance; I look to the Music Career Mentoring Program. It provides me with guidance, reassurance and will forever be a part of my life. The Music Career Mentoring Program is like air to musicians. It allows them to be free, to live and be.”

Poh released the song 'D-Day' on a compilation CD entitled 'Sonic Alchemy' in 2012.

Recordings Released:
  • 2012 Sonic Alchemy Compilation CD
Sonic Alchemy Compilation CD

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