Chris Basener

Student Type:   Music Careers Mentoring Program, Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle, Practice Generator
Location: Coventry, West Midlands, UK
Occupation: Rock Guitar Instrumentalist
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Chris Basener plays instrumental groove rock with vibrant melodies, speaking to the cosmopolitan music fan as much as to the guitar community.

Born and raised in Germany, Chris first started taking acoustic guitar lessons aged 15, and began to teach himself electric guitar after hearing Joe Satriani's "Flying in a Blue Dream" for the first time.

He was driven to master all facets of the instrument to become the skilled and original guitarist that he is today.

His early influences also include Boston Rockers Aerosmith, Riff-Meister Led Zeppelin, Sleaze Rockers Guns N Roses, Flamenco guitarists like Paco De Lucia or Sabicas, Middle Eastern and Country & Western music.

As a recognized product specialist for Line 6 and a graduate of the Munich Guitar Institute (MGI) in Germany, Chris has done many clinics and demos at tradeshows and fairs across Europe (Germany, Austria, France and Belgium) performing to tens of thousands of people.

While captivating melodies are always the main focus of his songs, it is not unusual to hear exotic sounding scales next to some country-chicken-picking followed by a gentle and passionate ballad or a driving rock instrumental, that makes the listener want to punch his fist in the air.
With all this colourful diversity, Chris never loses sight of his roots, which are founded in good old rock music.
In addition to writing and recording new original material, Chris collaborated with other cutting-edge musicians from around the world to produce the compilation CD "Shrouded in Sound – New Guitar Music For A New Decade", featuring his ballad "Love And Let Die".
Chris has also authored several instructional materials for guitarists and published articles on famous artists and their equipment. 

Chris Basener has endorsements with Line 6 and Bogner Amplification.  In the studio he uses Line 6 POD HD, as well as Variax guitars and basses.  On stage Chris uses Bogner Alchemist amps, Line 6 DT-50 amps, Relay Digital Wireless Guitar Systems and the M9 Stompbox Modeler.
Chris is being mentored by Tom Hess on building a successful career in music.


  • Line 6 -
  • Bogner Amplification -
Records Released:      
  • A Rocking Christmas CD
    A Rocking Christmas CD
  • Shrouded In Sound Compilation CD
    Shrouded In Sound Compilation CD
Products Released:      
  • The Essential Guide To Alternate Picking (eBook)
    The Essential Guide To Alternate Picking (eBook)
  • Taking The Lead - Picking Techniques And Strategies For Lead Guitar (DVD)
    Taking The Lead - Picking Techniques And Strategies For Lead Guitar (DVD)

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