Colin and Brian Evans

Colin and Brian Evans - Guitar Students Of Tom Hess
Student Type:   Private Lessons
Location: Illinois, USA
Occupation:      Professional guitar teacher/musician
mp3 Morning Beauty-(Floating)InACloud.mp3

Colin started playing guitar when he was 10 years old (after 2 years of piano lessons). He has played in many bands on and off since he was 12 years old and has studied with Tom Hess from 1996-1999.

Colin has also taught guitar and worked as a luthier.

His brother Brian (a bass player) also studied with Tom from 1996-1999 and now plays in the WhiskeySin band with Colin and can be heard on that CD as well.

Recordings Released:

  • Mandate - Prozak
  • Mandate - Sadistic Bastard
  • Beg To Differ - Bleak Outlook
  • HowardFineHoward - HFH
  • WhiskeySin - WhiskeySin
  • Colin Evans - Nani

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