Corinne Gooden

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Location: Charleston, SC
Occupation:  Professional musician, voice and guitar teacher
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Born in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, Corinne has always been blessed with the opportunity to pursue her dreams. Early on she developed a love of rock and roll, and immediately found a deep connection to bands like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and The Allman Brothers. She also became heavily influenced by the writing and voices of artists such as Joni Mitchell, James Taylor and Patty Griffin, and they in turn helped shape her as a person and a singer. It wasn’t long before Corinne started dreaming of standing on stage playing her own songs and telling her own stories. Still fairly new at playing the guitar, she wanted to share her experiences, and out of her earliest writing, came her debut album All My Days.

Co-producing and recording much of the music in a small bedroom, with the help of some very talented friends and musicians, All My Days came together organically, and flows from cello-rich orchestration, electric guitar and organ heavy rock, to piano driven ballads. Bringing to life twelve of her acoustic/vocal recordings was a labor of love, a chapter closed, a door opened, and an exciting step forward. In many ways, the album serves as a snapshot into Corinne's life, and at times is very personal, dealing with love, loss, regret, hope, and acceptance.

Corinne plays regularly around Charleston, most notably in Palmetto Soul - a local party/wedding band. She also does demo recording for other artists, works as an engineer and producer, and finds great joy in teaching voice, guitar and piano lessons.

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