Dario Napoli

Student Type:   Music Careers Mentoring Program, Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle, Practice Generator,
Location: Cortona (Arezzo), Italy
E-mail: darionapoli74@yahoo.com
Website: darionapoli.com
Occupation: Guitarist/Guitar Teacher
Style: Jazz/Gypsy Jazz
mp3 Mondello Beach
Yardbird Suite

Dario, hailing from Italy, is one of the most versatile, multi-dimensional guitar players you will hear today. As an accomplished guitar player, composer and improviser, Dario plays proficiently in a variety of genres, from jazz to blues, rock, pop, fusion, etc. Besides performing regularly, he also heads the guitar department at the music school Varcobianco Laboratorio Musicale (varcobianco.it).

The guitarists that he admires range from Django, George Benson and Pat Metheny, to rock icons like Joe Satriani and blues legend Stevie Ray Vaughan. As a young adult, Dario studied at Southeastern Louisiana University with legendary New Orleans-native jazz guitarist Hank Mackie and later at the Frank Rumoro Jazz Academy in Chicago. His collaborations range from Italian Pop artist DJ Jad (Articolo 31) to singer Crystal White and her Trasimeno Gospel Choir, and guitarist Nicola Menci with whom he formed the trio “A La Sante’ De Django”. He also has performed with Chicago-based mandolinist Don Stiernberg, pianist Silvano Grandi, bass players Maurizio Bozzi and Mauro Maurizi, guitarists Tolga During and Maurizio Geri, and accordionist Giacomo Giacobazzi.

In his latest solo project, Dienne Manouche, Dario released “Gypsy Bop” (Drycastle Records), an album in which Dario decided to pay homage to two of his greatest influences, legendary gypsy jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt and sax icon Charlie Parker. The all-acoustic recording blends the romantic nostalgia of 30’s with the virtuoso playing of American bebop from the 50’s.

2013 Tour Dates:

  • June 17-23, Northampton, MA - Django In June Festival

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