Johan Tillgren

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Location: Upplands Väsby, Sweden
Occupation:  Musician, Guitar Teacher
Style Progressive Metal/Instrumental Rock/Metal
mp3 Tornado
Until The End Of Time
What Needs To Be Said
The Novel Song (Guitar Solo)

Johan Tillgren is a guitarist, composer and guitar teacher with who resides in the Stockholm area in Sweden. He started playing guitar when he was 9 and went on to play in several bands, among them progressive metal band Discovery Zero.

Johan started composing music when he was 11 and has since went on to write a lot of music in different styles. He has been taking Breakthrough Guitar Lessons Online with Tom Hess since May 2012 and he’s determined to reach high levels on the guitar and become the best musician he can possibly be.

Johan is still in the early stages of his career but has already recorded and released a solo instrumental EP and even got the chance to jam with internationally known guitar virtuoso Steve Vai during a masterclass. Johan is currently a member of the Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle where he receives training on how to teach guitar students effectively and give them the best results in their guitar playing.

He owns a guitar teaching business in Upplands Väsby and spends most of his time teaching, training and coaching his students to become good guitar players. Johan's biggest musical influences are: John Petrucci, Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen, Joe Satriani, Dream Theater, Megadeth, Animals As Leaders, Metallica and film score music.

Records Released:    
  • 2016 EP Until The End Of Time EP
  Until The End Of Time EP - Johan Tillgren

A Note About Taking Guitar Lessons:

Johan achieved incredible success in his guitar playing from taking lessons with a guitar teacher. Be like him! Don't try to take on everything by yourself.


It is very hard to make fast progress on guitar when you don't have a clear path towards your musical goals that is given to you by someone who has helped many others achieve them (your guitar teacher!). This can become very frustrating and ultimately end with you not practicing as much as you should or simply putting your guitar down altogether because you don't feel motivated enough to continue.

Taking lessons with a great guitar teacher not only helps you get results faster - it keeps you motivated because you have someone to guide you and answer your questions when you don't know what to do next.

Take action now to start working with an excellent guitar teacher and finally become the guitarist you always wanted to be in much less time than you thought was even possible...

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