Mike Whitla

Student Type:   Breakthrough Guitar Lessons Online, Practice Generator
Location: Toronto, Canada
Occupation: Musician
Style Rock/Children's Music
mp3 Stego

Mike Whitla has taken his extensive musical background and in the past 10 years created the most successful children's music program Canada, as well has having produced multiple award-winning CDs for children. He is the founder of Rainbow Songs a program that provides music programs to over 1000 families in Toronto.

Having completed a degree in Music from York University, Mike also studied the Orff method of early childhood music education and classical guitar at the Royal Conservatory. Travels to Japan, Korea, Bali, Republic of Georgia, Turkey, Guatemala, Cuba, and Europe provided invaluable exposure to music from many cultures which resulted in a proficiency in a wide range of musical styles and a distinct love of music from around the world, which he has brought into the Rainbow Songs curriculum.

In 2000, Mike recorded his first CD for children entitled “Elephants Have Wrinkles”. He followed up that release with “Early Morning Knee-Slappin' Tunes”, which went on to win the 2005 Parents' Choice and NAPPA awards. In 2006, Mike won the Indie Music Award for “Favourite Children's Artist” and was a semi-finalist in the International Song-Writing Competition. In 2011, Mike released his most ambitious project to date - “Dinostory: The Ultimate Dinosaur Rock Opera” which was awarded 2011 Parents' Choice and NAPPA awards.

As learning about music is a lifelong endeavor Mike began to study with Tom Hess to sharpen his guitar skills in 2011.

Along with his wife, Lisa, Mike is a co-founder of the Rainbow Songs Foundation, a charity which brings the same high-quality Rainbow Songs musical programs to shelters throughout Toronto.

When he isn't making music, Mike is busy as a passionate cyclist, environmentalist, husband and the father of two boys, Jake and Kyle.

Recordings Released:

  • 2012 Rainbow Songs - When You are One
  • 2011 Dinostory ~ The Ultimate Dinosaur Rock Opera
  • 2009 Rainbow Songs - Oh Baby!
  • 2005 A Hole Inside - Early Morning Knee-Slappin’ Tunes
  • 2000 Elephant Have Wrinkles

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