Panos Kolias

Panos Kolias - Member In Tom Hess Mentoring Program
Music Careers Mentoring Program, Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle,
Location: Wedel, Schleswig Holstein, Germany
Occupation: Professional Musician and Composer
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When at age ten Panos Kolias found himself showing his accordion teacher in Arta, Greece, how to transcribe songs, he knew he was destined for a life of music.  

He started working as a professional musician by age 16, learning to play several more instruments, and ultimately playing in bands ranging from hard rock to traditional ethnic to classical.  Panos's band performed as a support act for artists such as ASIA and Alana Myles.  

With deep involvement in the creation of Apple's GarageBand and Logic Pro, Panos also has unusual depth of technical audio and software knowledge.   

Through 25 years of diverse performing and recording experience Panos has achieved a wide  level of versatility in both performance and composition.  His big love remains to be orchestra music with and without folk, ethnic, and rock elements.

How To Become A Professional In The Music Industry

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3. Don't attend college for a music degree unless it is % necessary for your own music career goals.

4. Don't ignore the importance of cultivating a local following of fans as well as growing a database of fans online.

5. Don't gamble on getting lucky to guide the success of your music career.

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