Samantha Holmes

Breakthrough Guitar Lessons Online,
Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle
Location: Tucson, Arizona
Occupation:  Professional Musician & Guitar Instructor
Style Metal / Rock / Blues
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Samantha Holmes is a professional guitar player, composer and guitar instructor living in Tucson, Arizona.

She initially began playing the guitar when she was 12 years old and took part in a punk band with school mates as a teenager.

Upon graduating high school, Samantha joined the United States Air Force and took part in military bands. While serving in the USAF, Samantha began taking breakthrough guitar lessons online with Tom Hess to take her playing to the next level. At this time, she was also teaching in Portland, Oregon.

When Samantha learned of Tom Hess’s Elite Guitar Teacher’s Inner Circle program, she signed up right away to further her career as a guitar instructor and to also provide her students with the best education possible.

Since then, Samantha has been determined to be the best musician and instructor that she can be.

Samantha Holmes Playing Guitar At Hessfest

Samantha is still in the early stages of her career but professionally recorded a symphonic black metal album with fellow Tom Hess student, Ryan Mueller, in their band Vela Pulsar. In addition to this project, she has her own solo project called Soul of Thamasa and is also the lead guitarist for a Tucson cover band called Snatch Sabbath.

Outside of her music projects, Samantha pours herself into her teaching business in Tucson, AZ. Samantha’s biggest musical influences are: Steve Vai, Guthrie Govan, Jeff Loomis, Hizaki, Hideto Matsumoto, and Brian May.

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