Can I Really Learn A Lot From You If I Only Take Lessons Once A Month, Twice Per Month Or 3 Times Per Month?

The more frequently you take lessons, the faster you will become a better guitar player and musician.

However, the lessons you get from me are a lot bigger compared to (for example) a private teacher. 

In private lessons, much of your lesson time is wasted on: small talk, tuning your guitar, talking about what you learned last week, etc. 

When I teach you, I don’t need to waste your time reviewing older lessons (since everything is already organized in your account for easy review at any time.).

Also, your lesson frequency is just one of the factors in your progress. 

Much of you progress comes not only from the lessons themselves, but also from all the ways I help you in between your lessons.
For example:

Every week you and I can talk live on video in weekly Office Hours. There you can ask me questions and get them answered live on video. That means we don’t have to waste your “lesson time” on Q&A… but you still get all your questions answered in detail.

You can also email me anytime you have a question and I always answer you in detail.

Plus: you can send me additional recordings of your playing for extra (written) feedback, if you wish.

I also do live video training classes each week to give you more chances to learn from me live on video and get your questions answered. 

In addition, you get even more support from my private student forum. You can ask questions there (or post videos of your playing) at and get help from me and my other advanced guitar students. (Many of my guitar students are also guitar teachers who are happy to help you free of charge.) 

You get all of this support no matter how frequently you take guitar lessons.

Look at the results my guitar students are achieving:


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