How To Impress Record Companies And Get Their Attention

By Tom Hess

Want record companies to pay attention to you and offer you a record deal? Build a verifiable track record of success as a performing or recording musician. Examples include:

  1. Having a full (regular) schedule of gigs.
  2. Independent music sales you’ve achieved on your own.
  3. A mailing list of fans who are proven buyers of music.

This video shows 22 things record companies are really impressed by:

You don’t need to have sold millions of records or played massive shows…but your successes must show an upward trend. This shows record companies that:

  1. You are serious about your career.
  2. You have the mindset, the ambition, the work ethic and the resources to get things done on your own. This means the record company can help you achieve a lot more when its massive resources are combined with yours.
  3. You are less likely to be a risky liability to the record company (if they work with you). Your success means that your financial situation is likely to be a lot more stable than that of an average musician. You are able to make career decisions with the long-term picture in mind and not give in to knee-jerk short-term impulses due to fear.

Record companies want musicians who think long-term and are committed to work as partners to reach mutually beneficial goals.

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