4 Mistakes Guitar Teachers Make In Their Guitar Lesson Ads That You Must Avoid

4-Mistakes-Made-In-Guitar-Lesson-AdsDo you feel like your guitar lesson ads aren’t helping you attract more guitar students? You are not alone! Most guitar teachers have this problem, and many assume that it is the result of not enough people seeing their ads or a lack of people in their area who are interested in guitar lessons. Here is the truth: the reason why you can’t attract more guitar students is not due to absence of people interested in lessons. The real problem(s) exist in the effectiveness of your guitar lesson ads.

Here are the main mistakes guitar teachers make in their guitar lesson ads and how you can avoid them and get a lot more guitar students than you are getting now.

Mistake #1: Talking Too Much About Yourself

Mistakes Made In Guitar Lesson Advertisements

Guitar teachers tend to focus too much on themselves, their backgrounds and their experience in teaching guitar when writing guitar lesson ads. There are 2 reasons why this hurts your ability to attract more guitar students. First, this makes your guitar lesson ad look just like everyone else’s ad. Look around and see how many guitar teachers talk about the exact same irrelevant things in their ads (their playing/teaching experience, their music career background, their age, their location, etc.) ...Nearly all of them do! By making your guitar lesson ad look exactly like everyone else’s, you lose many students (without even realizing it), because the people who DO see your ad have no real reason to contact you vs. another teacher.

Second, prospective guitar students don’t really care about you, me or anybody else. They only care about learning to play guitar the way they want to play. Talking about your background does nothing to make them excited about studying guitar with you (more on this below)

Solution: Focus Your Guitar Lesson Ads On The Things Your Guitar Students REALLY Want

When you write your guitar lesson ads, make the people who read it (your potential students) feel like you relate to them, their specific challenges and their frustrations.

You should make a list of common problems and desires that guitar students have and use them in your ads. Talk about specific frustrations that you will solve or specific goals that you will help them reach. This way, guitarists who read your ad will feel that you understand them and will be much more likely to contact you.

Warning: Do not make any claims that are not true or that you cannot deliver on! You MUST be able to back up any claim that you make with proof and real ability to teach guitar effectively. If you aren't confident in your guitar teaching skills, get guitar teacher training.

Mistake #2: Mentioning The Price Of Your Guitar Lessons In The Ad

Most guitar teachers mention their lesson price directly in their ads. There are several reasons why this prevents them from getting more new guitar students:

A. Most guitar students don’t know how to compare different guitar teachers or decide which teacher is best for them. Because of this, they often (wrongly) assume that all guitar teachers are the same and whoever is cheaper must offer “better value” for their money.

This assumption (from guitar students) hurts you greatly because the only way you can win with such a strategy is to be the cheapest guitar teacher around (making way less money than you should). This also hurts your guitar students since, in the process of searching for the cheapest lessons, they are more likely to end up with a lower quality guitar teacher.

B. The only guitar students who are attracted to cheap guitar lessons are the ones who don’t have a lot of money to spend, aren’t really serious about learning guitar and aren’t likely to keep studying with you for a long time. In contrast, the ideal guitar students (those with lots of money to spend on guitar lessons, who are serious about learning guitar and who want to find the best guitar teacher) understand that you get what you pay for. So these students will never be attracted to cheap guitar lessons, and will never contact you if they see a low price in your ad.

So in the end, your guitar students lose, and you lose twice, by failing to attract higher-quality guitar students and making less money from each student. Read this article to learn more reasons why most guitar teachers struggle financially and how you can make more money teaching guitar.

Solution: Show To Your Potential Students The Price Of NOT Taking Guitar Lessons

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Instead of stating the price of your lessons in the ad, make your prospective guitar students realize how much it will cost them to NOT study with someone who can help them solve their problems and achieve what they want on guitar.

When you do this, it will not only help you get more potential students to contact you, but it will also make it FAR easier to get them to actually START guitar lessons with you.

Mistake #3: Not Communicating To Prospective Students How They Will Benefit From Taking Lessons With YOU

Many guitar teachers make the mistake of listing too many specific details about what they will teach their students right in the ad (such as promising to teach them very specific guitar techniques and musical concepts/topics). If you do this, you are definitely losing many potential guitar students. Here is why:

Contrary to what you may think, your guitar students don't come to you to learn guitar techniques or musical concepts/topics. In fact, many students will have no idea what the things you promise to teach them even mean or how they will help them become better guitar players. What they really want from you is to get solutions to their musical frustrations, reach their guitar playing goals and “feel good” about themselves when they play guitar. When you talk about a bunch of general topics that do not connect (in your students’ minds) with their true musical needs and desires, most people will assume that you are not the guitar teacher for them.

Solution: Stop Selling “Guitar Lessons” To Your Students - Offer To FIX Their Guitar Playing Problems

To write more effective guitar lesson ads, you must understand what exactly your potential guitar students look for in lessons. Hint: beginner guitarists seek out guitar lessons for totally different reasons than advanced students. Adult guitar students have different needs (and face different challenges) than children and teenagers. You must know what type of students your guitar lesson ad is trying to attract and speak to THEIR core desires, challenges and goals.

Mistake #4: Not Knowing Who You Are Writing Your Guitar Lesson Ads For

Most guitar teachers are promoting guitar lessons to many different groups of guitar students simultaneously. The common assumption is that it’s better to attract all types of students (beginner guitar students, intermediate students, advanced students and guitar students in every possible style). In reality, getting ultra-specific in your guitar lesson ads will help you attract infinitely more guitar students and have those students be much more likely to actually start guitar lessons with you. Fact is, the most serious guitar students want to study with a guitar teacher who is a specialist in what they want to learn.

Want proof?

If you have a toothache and need a doctor, who are you going to call? A “general practitioner” type doctor or the very best dentist in your area who specializes in treating the exact type of pain you have? The answer is obvious here…and your guitar students think exactly the same way.

Solution: Write Your Guitar Lesson Ads For Specific Groups Of Guitar Students Only

To make your guitar lesson ads more effective, run several different ads... each one focusing on a specific niche of guitar students you are trying to attract. You will attract many more students from this one simple change in your advertising strategy.

You now know how to make your guitar lesson ads much more effective…but that is only the first step in turning potential students into actual guitar students. To learn the next step of the process of acquiring new guitar students, download this free guide about getting guitar students to start lessons with you. 



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