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My question is am I too old to start a music career? Is is still possible at my age (38)?

Find out if you are too old to think about starting a music career.

Should I go to college and study another interest of mine, like engineering, and expect to meet my band mates there, or should I go to a college specifically for studying music, or should I work on starting a band before I have to go to college? What's the best thing I can do to end up in a band that's "out there"?

Find out if you should go to music school for a career in music


How can I find and make music industry connections?

Read the answer about how to find and make music industry connections.


What is an effective way of communicating to record companies, A&R that your project is worth financing?

Read about the most important first steps about how to get a record deal.


What can I do to overcome the fear of failure that prevents me from developing as a professional musician?

Read about how to become a professional musician.


How to find the right people who have the same music career goals as I do?

Get help on how to find the right musicians.


Where/how do I get my name out there to get picked up for jobbing type gigs?

Get music career help on how to get more gigs


When you have learned to play guitar at a reasonable level, what is the next step to making a living from guitar so that you can support yourself economically?

Read the first steps to become a professional guitarist.


How should I start a career in music? I have a relative who says I should go see a talent agent to guide me.

Read the answer and get help with how to start a music career.


I am really passionate about being a master of the guitar before even thinking about pursuing my music career. How many different teaching books and software do I need to be a great guitarist?

Read the answer to know when is the time to learn about the music business.


What do you think are the most important steps towards becoming a good lead guitarist in a great rock band?

Find out the answer to learn the important first steps to playing guitar in a rock band.



What can I do to guarantee a successful career in music? How much of this is based on luck? 

Read the answer and find out how to build a successful career in music.


What can I do to quickly start making money in the music industry?

Find out how to start your music career and quickly begin making money in the music industry.


Before I begin my music career do I need to get a college degree or work in a non-music related field as a kind of music career backup plan?

Learn the answer for how whether or not it is necessary to have a music career backup plan to get started in a music career.


How can a band make a living from music when signed to a record deal?

Find the answer and learn how to make a living from music.


How can I prevent music piracy?

Read the answer to learn how to prevent music piracy.


What do record companies look for when deciding to sign musicians?

Find the answer to what record companies look for and learn how to work in the music business.


How can I tell if my music good enough to become popular?

Read the answer and find out how to make your music popular.


Do I need to move to a popular music city to have a chance at a successful music career?

Read the answer and find out if moving to popular music career cities is a factor success as a professional musician.


Do I need to learn or practice songs to join a band?

Learn the answer to find out how to join a band as either a hobby or part of a serious music career.


How do I rehearse original music with a band?

Find the answer for how to rehearse with a band while composing your own music.


How do I make enough money to pay my monthly expenses?

Learn how you can make money through music and pay your monthly expenses with it.

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