The Big Music Career Mistake That Prevents Most Musicians From Becoming Successful

by Tom Hess

Becoming a massively successful professional musician is about being willing to develop an empowering mindset so you take the right action at the right time.

What does this mean exactly?

This video explains how your mindset determines your music career success:

Most musicians trying to start and build a music career never consider training their mindset in addition to musical skills, recording skills or other aspects of their music career.

Doing this causes you to end up stuck at the same old job, wishing you could have made it...

Don't end up like this!

The most successful musicians achieve the biggest results because they are willing to do anything it takes to reach their goals.

Until your mindset is where it needs to be as explained in the video, you can get the same opportunities as someone else and miss out on the massive advantages in your career that come with the right mindset.

Here is what to do:

Invest time into learning how successful musicians think by studying the music industry and observing the actions of highly successful people. This puts you on the right path towards achieving your biggest musical goals.

This is a big reason why being trained by a music career mentor is critical for you music career.


Note: It takes more than musical talent to build a successful music career.

Improving your musical skills is definitely a piece of the puzzle, but this is only one element needed to succeed. Focus on improving multiple aspects of your music career at once including other things such as learning how business works, promoting yourself better, understanding what music companies are looking for in musicians, etc.

This video discusses a complete list of skills you need to work on in your music career:

Focus a bit of time on all elements you need to make it in music so that over time... little improvements add up to huge results.

Write down each one of these elements and track yourself every week to see how you are progressing and what areas need more work.

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