Dan Stearn

Student Type:   Breakthrough Guitar Lessons Online, Music Careers Mentoring Program, Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle, Practice Generator
Location: Shropshire, U.K.
E-mail: inquiries@danstearn.com
Website: danstearn.com
Occupation: Music Student/Guitar Teacher
mp3 December (Collective Soul)
From The Mountains
String Ensemble 2

Dan Stearn is a blues-rock guitarist, currently based in Shropshire U.K.  Dan began playing the guitar at the age of 14, and is now taking online guitar lessons with Tom Hess. In addition to his guitar playing, Dan's ultimate long-term goal is to become an established A-List film composer. Dan intends to continue his studies of music & composition at a specialized music college. 
Dan is also currently developing a guitar teaching business and has enrolled in the Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle, to gain expert insight from Tom Hess, which he has already found highly beneficial and inspiring.
As an artist, Dan is aiming on self-releasing his debut acoustic EP, which will be made available free of charge from his website (available for pre-order now!), and will be posting behind the scenes recording diaries on  his YouTube page, documenting the progress. 

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