Derek Steep

Student Type:  Breakthrough Guitar Lessons Online,
Music Careers Mentoring Program,
Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle
Location: Germany
Occupation: Musician, Recording Artist
mp3 Flowers
Indigo Way

Derek Steep is a singer-songwriter and composer for "The Mimicry Of Shadows". He grew up with his mom listening to Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Donovan. He learned his first chords on an old beaten up guitar from his dad and later discovered players like John Lee Hooker, Son House and Jimi Hendrix. Derek was instantly mesmerized by the emotional depth of their music, got deeply into blues guitar - and from then on - there was no turning back from music.

Beyond the guitar he studied classical piano for four years and is also deeply interested in electronic music. He is currently working on his debut CD "The Tenfold Path", and will be featured with the song "Flowers" on the "Sonic Alchemy" CD, which is a collaborative effort of seven artists from around the globe. Derek is actively working with musicians worldwide and is taking internet guitar lessons from virtuoso guitarist Tom Hess.

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