Gabe Zentner

 Gabe Zentner - Tom Hess Guitar Student
Breakthrough Guitar Lessons Online, Improvisation Training Classes
Location: Cleveland, OH
Occupation:  Graduate Student
mp3 Enslaved
Written In Blood

Gabe began playing guitar at age 13, taking lessons at a few local music shops in his hometown of Indianapolis, IN.  After about two years of private music lessons, several years of self-teaching followed, along with the discovery of bands such as Dream Theater, In Flames, and Symphony X. 

These bands inspired Gabe to expand both his musical and technical abilities, eventually leading to Breakthrough Guitar Lessons Online with virtuoso guitar player and pro musician Tom Hess.

Gabe's style is a mixture of melodic metal fused with some of the technicality of progressive music. He has made a lot of progress towards becoming a more technical player while taking lessons with Tom Hess.

Gabe is currently a doctoral student at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH pursuing a PHD in Genetics.

Why Taking Online Guitar Lessons With A Teacher Is Important:

Gabe is one of countless guitarists who has made incredible progress musically by working with a teacher.
It’s a commonly-held view among many great guitarists that:

Learning guitar on your own is much more challenging than taking lessons with an experienced instructor who can quickly show you how to correct your problems while coaching you along the way so that everything clicks.

We've all been there:

Practicing guitar, when suddenly we realize we just can’t seem to play the notes of a lick the right way or play in time to the music at the speed we want…

This makes guitar feel like a chore - not fun! Good news is, learning with a great guitar teacher fixes this issue.

Here is what to do to make sure you get the most out of guitar lessons (before you actually begin with a teacher):

Figure out ahead of time what you want to do on guitar by investing the time into thinking about your musical goals.

What do you want to play? What kind of skills do you want and how are they defined exactly? Do you want to release music? Do you want to perform?

If you're not sure how to get started on these things, don't worry.

Taking lessons with a great guitar teacher is the solution!

Once you get started, you quickly see the difference between having a teacher and being on your own.
You start to develop your guitar skills in ways you never thought of yourself so you fix problems faster, combine ideas together more creatively and make progress much faster than before.

Just don't wait around to long to being taking lessons.

The longer you wait, the longer poor playing habits stay below the radar and the more time is wasted on ineffective practice strategies.

Take the short cut to guitar playing success by starting with your own teacher today.

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