Guy Onraet

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Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Occupation: Professional Musician/Guitar Teacher
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Guy Onraet is a musician, composer, and guitar teacher living in Cape Town, South Africa. Guy's music has been featured in dozens of commercial videos. Guy is a contributor to - writing reviews and interviewing established and up-and-coming guitarists.  

He is currently located in Cape Town, teaching his students and recording music. 

Guy started his musical life at age 8, taking piano lessons and composing piano pieces. He picked up the guitar at age 16, and was soon writing songs and fronting a band.

Guy gigged in his local area during high school, but it was at university that he became interested in lead guitar, and enrolled in guitar modules.

After becoming interested in recording, Guy built a home studio and began recording multi-track demos.

At around the same time, he started his studies with famous virtuoso guitarist and master guitar teacher, Tom Hess. He found Tom Hess while looking to get much better at guitar and this has helped his musical skills greatly.

Guy is constantly on the lookout for people to collaborate with-from session work to regular gigs to musical projects of all kinds.

Recordings Released:

  • Invention City
    Invention City Album Cover
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