Janne Persson

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Location: Umea, Sweden
E-Mail: janne@gitarrlektionerumea.se
Website: gitarrlektionerumea.se
Occupation:  Guitarist, Guitar teacher
Style Rock, Blues, Electric and Acoustic
mp3 Jajja

Janne Persson is a guitarist, guitar teacher, composer and producer from the north part of Sweden. As a guitarist, he has played in a great variation of music styles. He plays in the singer-songwriter format with acoustic guitar to loud Hard Rock in the band Doktor Diesel.

In between that comes Blues, Country Music, Hip-Hop, Scandinavian Folk Music and Swing Jazz. In his own music school, he teaches his guitar students in various styles. He is a composer on demand, and for himself. As a co-composer and producer he was a part of the making of the band Doktor Diesel’s album ”Things Are Moving”.

The equipment he uses for his guitar playing is: Jakobsson Les Paul Jr made by Leif Jakobsson in UmeƄ at Sweden Guitarworks, Larrivee Telecaster, Steinberger Spirit, Mesa Engineering Express 5:50+, Marshall 1935, Carl Martin wah-pedal and an Ovation Glenn Campbell Signature Series.

He was born in September, 1972 and his dad bought him his first acoustic guitar in August, 1982. one year after in august 1983 his dad bought him his first electric guitar.

In February 1984, he started his first band. Over the last three decades, he has been gigging with different acts all over the north part of Sweden and Norway. He has recorded his own music and others music since the mid nineties. Now he has his own recording studio in his music school.

Records Released:    
  • 2014 Doktor Diesel - Things Are Moving
  Doktor Diesel - Things Are Moving

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