John Kakalas

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Location: Thessaloniki, Greece
Tourism/Composer/Songwriter/Classical Guitarist
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John Kakalas is an experienced classical guitarist/composer/lyricist from Thessaloniki, Greece.

John has always had a strong passion for music from a very young age. John took classical guitar lessons at the New Conservatory of Thessaloniki and the Center of Musical Studies at Kos Island.

John composed music for various public events (school theater, artistic projects, small live performances etc). He also composed, recorded and performed music for art galleries.  In addition, John worked in Canada as a guitar teacher known as "The Guitar Guy". Today he works at Robinson Club and does musical compositions and small music live events. 

In the last few years, John has started collaborating with the Tom Hess Music Corporation. He gets music career mentoring from Tom Hess and works with other musicians from all over the world in recording and releasing some of his latest compositions.

John's Musical Influences Include:

Vangelis, Yanni, Rolling Stones, Pavlos Sidiropoulos, Various Greek Musicians, Loreena Mckennitt, U2, Jason Mraz, Led Zeppelin, JJ Cale, Costas Cotsiolis, Paco De Lucia, Various Traditional Mediterranean Styles of Music, Celtic, Indian, Heavy Metal, etc.

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