Jonah Kay

Student Type:   Breakthrough Guitar Lessons Online,
Music Careers Mentoring Program,
Improvisation Training Classes
Location: Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
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Occupation: Professional musician
mp3 ThreeCrowns - Once My Own (feat. Karl Schubach of Misery Signals)
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Jonah Kay is an up and coming guitar player in a band called Three Crowns out of Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. 

Jonah was surrounded by music as a child and went through playing many instruments including piano, trumpet, tuba and drums.  He moved on to the guitar at age 15 through a high school music program. Private guitar lessons followed and then, at age 19, he purchased his first seven string electric which is now his preferred instrument.  Currently Jonah is studying in Tom Hess's improvisation training classes and online guitar lessons to develop his musical skills further and is being mentored by Tom in the program about building a music career.

Jonah’s musical influences range from classical to heavy metal to fusion jazz and movie soundtracks. Some of his favourite artists are Rusty Cooley, Guthrie Govan, John Petrucci, Alexi Laiho, and many others.

Next came the formation of Jonah’s first band, BraVurA. After a couple of line up changes, they released their first 5 song demo in September 2008, and a full length album in December 2010. This album was named 10th best album of 2011 on Now Jonah is playing in a Hardcore/Metal band Three Crowns in the Kitchener area. The band released a 5 song EP in July 2011 called "The Resistance". Then in March 2013 the band released their full length “Commodity” on Famined Records. After some growing musical and personal differences Jonah left the band and is now currently working on a guitar driven collaboration instrumental album called Technically Yours.

Recordings Released:
  • 2013 Three Crowns - "Commodity" Famined Records
  • 2011 Three Crowns - The Resistance EP
  • 2010 BraVurA - Full length debut record
  • 2010 Many Roads From Home - Compilation CD
  • 2009 Downtown Metal - Compilation CD
  • 2008 BraVurA EP

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