Josh Brown

Student Type: Breakthrough Guitar Lessons Online, Music Careers Mentoring Program, Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle, Practice Generator
Location: Louisville, Kentucky USA
Occupation:  Professional Musician
Style: Rock/Metal/Neoclassical
mp3 Solace
Feast For The Eyes

JB Andrews is an independent solo artist from Louisville, KY, USA. JB has studied and trained under his mentor, guitar virtuoso, Tom Hess.

JB is currently producing his debut solo album, "With A Vengeance".

From 2007 to 2010, JB was a founding member and lead guitarist of Louisville, KY based metal band Sever This Illusion.

He played shows across the United States in the "Infecting the West Tour" and shared the stage with national/international acts such as Kittie, God Forbid, Primer 55, Periphery, Cthonic, Woe of Tyrants, Adversary, Brother Von Doom, Destroy Destroy Destroy, Psychostick, Look What I Did, PowerGlove and Straight Line Stitch.

JB has taken guitar lessons with Tom Hess in addition to receiving his mentoring through the Music Careers Mentoring Program. This has helped me become a better guitar player while earning a living from music.

Recordings Released:
  • The Gathering - Compilation CD
The Gathering - Compilation CD
  • Unidentified Assassins - Sever This Illusion
Unidentified Assassins - Sever This Illusion
  • Dream Away EP - Sever This Illusion

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JB decided to further his music career by working together with a mentor.

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