Mark Court

Mark Court - Tom Hess Mentoring Program Member
Breakthrough Guitar Lessons Online, Music Careers Mentoring Program, Practice Generator
Location: Ontario, Canada
Occupation: Professional Musician
mp3 Right the Wrong
Slow Beck

Mark has been into music ever since he can remember, constantly listening to classic rock at an early age. The seeds for a potential future in music were already being planted before he could remember.

At age 9, Mark took guitar lessons, and quit 2 years later. Sports and girlfriends occupied most of his time after that. He got back into music again in the early years of high school, playing in a band called “Choked” as a bass player. Mark was hooked on making music and performing live.
In his last year of high school, disaster struck and Mark found himself hospitalized and near death after being hit by a car. Extensive injuries to all limbs except his left playing hand and almost completely blind left eye were the results. Music, and life as he knew it, had to be put on hold.

With time to heal and reflect, music started to become one of the most important things in Mark's life. After 6 months with no use of his right hand, Mark started playing bass and collaborating with friends who were forming a local bar band called “Pitch Black...” beginning his journey as a musician.

The band worked in clubs for two years, and eventually parted ways. Mark dove into music head on. He switched back to guitar and started practicing every day. In 2007, he found Tom Hess's Music Careers Mentoring Program and began to start working and practicing harder than ever to start making his dreams become reality.

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