Pasha Bocharov

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Location: Moscow, Russia
Occupation:  Professional musician and guitar teacher
Style Metal, Rock, Progressive, Shred
mp3 Scarlet Plague

Pasha Bocharov is a guitarist, vocalist, composer and guitar teacher in Moscow, Russia. Pasha is founder of his own band Arhideus. Pasha initially composed, recorded, mixed and mastered the first EP before meeting the other musicians. Later, he found musicians for the band and went on to released their debut album.

They then went on to play dozens of shows in Russia and Belarus. This band is very well-known in Russia among fans of technical death metal music.

In 2015, Pasha also joined one of the biggest Russian bands called FIEND which used to tour and play big shows with bands like Children Of Bodom, Norther, Pain, and Betraying the Martyrs.

Now, Pasha teaches guitar full-time in his studio in Moscow. He is also author of instructional articles for guitar players and articles for beginning sound engineers that were published in journals and books in Russia.

Recordings Released:
  • 2013: Arhideus - Awakening Of Sins
Arhideus - Awakening Of Sins

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