Piotr Sierzputowski

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Location: Ostroleka, Poland
Website:  Karrakan.pl
Styles: Rock, Metal
mp3 Karrakan - Larum
Karrakan - Toksykomania

Piotr Sierzputowski is a guitarist, vocalist, composer, author, producer and music instructor from Ostrołęka, Poland. He is leading a progressive rock band called Karrakan. The band successfully self-released their debut self-titled 7-track EP and released it in December 2016. The record was promoted by several shows within the "Świąteczny Muzyczny Łomot Tour" played in Warsaw, Olsztyn, Ostrów Maz. and Ostrołęka. Piotr's music has been appreciated by many reviewers of rock/metal music paper and web magazines, including Polish leaders in this area - "Teraz Rock" ("Rock Now") and "Metal Hammer". Among other comments, it was said that the biggest strength of the band lies within high instrumental proficiency and original song arrangements. Furthermore, the closing instrumental song "Larum" from the "Karrakan" EP was chosen to be a part of international compilation CD "Spectra" which was released at the beginning of 2017.

In the past, Piotr was also involved in a heavy/doom metal studio project called Catacombat. The band released a 5-track EP entitled "Woe To The Mortals", where Piotr recorded all guitars, was responsible for production and audio engineering.

Records Released:    
  • 2016 Karrakan EP
  Karrakan EP
  • Catacombat - Woe To The Mortals EP
  Catacombat - Woe To The Mortals

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