Your Music Career Audit - Are You On The Right Track To Building A Successful Music Career?

How much do you know about the process of building a successful music career? Regardless of your specific goals in the music business, there will be many steps that all musicians need to do on an ongoing basis in order to promote themselves, grow their careers and move towards their ultimate goals. If you are building your music career by yourself without a mentor or a coach, test the effectiveness of your path in the music industry by answering the questions below. This assessment will show you what you need to work on in order to become a much more successful professional musician.

Section 1: Music Career Goals

1. I have clearly-defined music career goals. *

2. I have multiple music career goals which are designed to work together in order to obtain maximum leverage. *

3. I have an effective system so I can evaluate my progress and implement my next career plans and strategy. *

4. I am proactively managing my career on a continual basis, and analyze my current situation against my music career objectives. *

Section 2: Career Plans

5. I have a comprehensive-written "blueprint" for my own career over the long term. *

6. I do an excellent job implementing my plans in effective ways. *

7. I do an excellent job navigating through challenges. *

8. I have a comprehensive long-term plan to maintain my high level of success once I reach it. *

9. I have multiple ways to achieve my career objectives. I'm not limited to a single plan. *

10. I regularly seek out opportunities and act upon them. *

11. I prioritize my tasks and use my time effectively. *

Section 3: Career Strategies

12. I read books and articles on the music business. *

13. I write articles on topics related to my strengths in order to increase my exposure as a musician or teacher. *

14. I actively promote myself on a continual basis. I use a wide range of effective strategies. *

15. I use leverage to my advantage and partner with others when possible. *

16. I syndicate risk in order to protect myself professionally. *

17. I build and nurture key relationships with other professionals in the industry. *

18. I have a strong and secure "network" of like minded people around me. *

19. I am currently studying with a teacher or school to expand my musical abilities further. *

Section 4: Situation, Skills, and Habits

20. I am active in increasing the value I can offer others. *

21. I am active in decreasing the risks others may see in working with me. *

22. I currently have "passive" music related income. *

23. I currently have "active" music related income. *

24. I currently have "residual" music related income. *

25. I have control over my time to invest into my career. *

26. I am an excellent negotiator. *

27. I have an empowering mindset for success. *

28. I am totally committed to my dreams. *

29. I have an excellent ability to create opportunities out of nothing, to further my career objectives. *

30. I do not procrastinate on taking actions which will help me reach my goals and dreams. *

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