Alex Boccia

Private Lessons,
Improvisation Training Classes
Location: Crystal Lake, IL
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Breaking Loose
White Chapel Vigilante

Alex is a songwriter, recording artist and performer in his band Old Ironsides, featuring music that is a twist of classic rock and roll and progressive music. Old Ironsides plays many shows in the Northwest Chicago area.  

In addition, Alex is a professional guitar teacher and has taught workshops and clinics in addition to private guitar lessons.  

Alex has been studying advanced guitar playing, songwriting, improvising and music business with Tom Hess since 2003.  He also attended Harper college to study music theory and aural skills and studied Delta blues/slide and jazz at the National Guitar Workshop. 

Recordings Released:
  • The Path Of Madness (Old Ironsides)
Old Ironsides - The Path Of Madness
  • Chronicles - City Of Sound
    (Compilation CD - 10,000 copies distributed)
Chronicles City Of Sound Music Album

A Note About Taking Guitar Lessons Vs. Learning Without A Teacher:

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Why is this better than learning on your own?

There are several reasons. Here are just a few them:

  • Without a guitar teacher to guide you, it’s challenging to know exactly what to do to achieve your musical goals and how to practice this effectively (even if you do know what to do)
  • It’s sometimes very difficult to overcome plateaus in your playing, because it simply is not clear what needs to be done to get better when you don't have expert advice to help
  • Learning on your own can feel overwhelming without someone there to motivate you when things feel very challenging or you don't know how long it will take to get results
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