Dan Keller

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Location: B├╝ren an der Aare, BE, Switzerland
E-mail:      dan@dankeller.ch
Website:     dankeller.ch
mp3 Sultan Of String - Uzume
Jason Becker - Dweller In The Cellar
Paganini - Theme of Sonata No. 6

Dan was born 1965 in Switzerland. He began learning to play the guitar at the age of 12, on a nylon stringed classical guitar.

Throughout his teenage years, Dan performed in several bands and projects. He started with more Jazz-Rock and Funk oriented bands. Years later, his style turned to Hard Rock, and today Dan plays his typical "Exotic Metal" style, Eastern & Asian melodies mixed with neo-classical elements. 

Dan is influenced by Marty Friedman, Jason Becker and Steve Vai. He often plays in the Asian vein of Marty Friedman, combined with a technique in the style of Jason Becker. His catchy melodies, often built with wide slides in the way like Steve Vai does, are another typical elements of Dan's melodic playing. 

In addition, Dan also studied the style of George Lynch, another important influence for him. Especially Dan's intense vibrato is a result of that "Lynch-time".  

Yet in spite of his many influences, Dan remains unique, applying different elements from various musicians and sources, all of which enrich his music.  

Dan became "Artist of the Month" at Guitar9.com in 2001, with the single pre-release for this album. 

For the Jason Becker Tribute Album, released by Lion Music in 2002, Dan performed the song "Dweller in the Cellar" of Jason Becker. 

In 2004, Dan released the Instrumental Solo album "Electric Storm", a part of his project "Sultan Of String". Find more information at sultanofstring.com

From 2004-2006, Dan attended a Jazz school, mainly to fill in some gaps in his music theory knowledge.  He also started taking online guitar lessons and receiving music career mentoring from Tom Hess.

Recordings Released:
  • Wicked Plan - Becoming God
Wicked Plan - Becoming God
  • Tribute To Jason Becker Compilation  
Tribute To Jason Becker Compilation
  • Electric Storm
Electric Storm

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