Denis Clément

Denis Clément - Tom Hess Improvisation Training Class Student
Student Type:   Breakthrough Guitar Lessons Online,
Music Careers Mentoring Program
Improvisation Training Classes,
Practice Generator
Location: Ottawa, Ontario,  Canada
Occupation: Electrical Engineer
mp3 Noemie - Denis Clement.mp3

You can give up on music, but music won’t give up on you!

Denis P. Clément is a songwriter and musician from the Ottawa region, Canada. 

He started on guitar at 16 and was quickly attracted in writing his own material.  He was the lead singer in various bands in Quebec during the mid 1990’s and had some success during that period.

Today Denis is developing his musical skills further with the help of Tom Hess and is preparing his debut album.  His main influences are Folk, Pop and Rock.

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