Jimmy Alford

Student Type:   Breakthrough Guitar Lessons Online, Music Careers Mentoring Program, Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle, Practice Generator, Guitar Playing Accelerator
E-mail: jimmy@jimmyalfordmusic.com
Website: jimmyalfordmusic.com
Style: Metal, Hardcore, Rock
Occupation: Musician, Guitar and Music Performance Tutor
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Jimmy Alford is a guitarist, songwriter, guitar teacher and music performance tutor from Southampton, UK.

With his latest project, SHADOWHEART, he wears all his influences on his sleeve, ranging from the heaviest, darkest metal to catchy melodic rock and everything in between.

Over the years he has played in bands with styles ranging from Pop Rock to Death Metal who have toured the UK, and played in Holland and Mexico. He has also won awards such as BT Digital Best Unsigned Band and appeared in magazines Metal Hammer and Fireworks.

Jimmy is currently recording his SHADOWHEART full length album, playing guitar for UK progressive metal band CHAPTERS (facebook.com/chaptersmetal) and teaching guitar in Southampton (guitarlessonsinsouthampton.co.uk). Jimmy also studies music career development and continues to take online guitar lessons with virtuoso guitarist and instructor Tom Hess.

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Doing this will help you feel better about giving lessons in general, and as a result will help you to make more money teaching guitar.
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