Josh Beetler

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Location: Boston, Massachusetts USA
Occupation:  Composer,
Session Musician,
Private and Ensemble Teacher
Style Metal, Progressive Fusion, Funk, Jazz
mp3 Sonic The Shred Hog

Josh Beetler has always found song in life and always strived to turn life into a song.

He is finishing up a compilation CD that will be released internationally entitled “Sonic Alchemy” and working on a progressive metal instrumental group as well.

Josh has played as a session player in a wide variety of ensembles including funk group “Nemesis”, Boston Artist of the Year “MDOT”, national bluegrass act “Hot Day At The Zoo,” jazz quartet “The Udsville Growlers,” metal sensations “Manifest” and “Hetfield and Hetfield” and the list continues.

He is currently teaching and composing as a solo virtuoso guitarist that performs original instrumental video game metal.

Josh has been playing since the age of 8. When his hands were strong enough, he began studying virtuosos such as Tommy Emmanuel, Steve Vai, Wes Montgomery, Stevie Ray Vaughn and many others. He has studied with 84 year-old jazz guitar wizard Chet Kruly and Berklee Guitar Chairman Jon Wheatley.

He also studied composition with Dr. Gerald Lloyd, a former student of John Cage’s. Josh has a B.A. in Music Performance from UMass Lowell.

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