Lynne Gong

Lynne Gong - Tom Hess Music Career Mentoring Program Member
Student Type: Breakthrough Guitar Lessons Online, Music Careers Mentoring Program, Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle, Practice Generator, Guitar Playing Accelerator
Location: Beijing, China
Occupation:  Composer and instructor
Style: Metal, Neo-Classical, Progressive, Alternative, Funk, Fusion
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Twilight Instrumental                  

Lynne Gong is a guitarist, composer and instructor. She originally worked in the medical field, but was determined to pursue a full-time music career in 2011. She improved rapidly since she signed on with Tom Hess as her teacher and mentor in 2012.

Lynne is a very versatile composer and guitarist ranging in styles from metal, progressive, neoclassical to funk, fusion. She is an active member in several bands, and is constantly performing in music festivals and live houses throughout the country.

She has been a guitar instructor teaching private/group lessons since 2011, and was in charge of the music training center of for half a year.

Currently, her main focus is on recording the full length album "10 Dimensions" for her metal/progressive band Bubble Theory, and she's working on an instrumental album with the same title.

Recordings Released:
  • 2014 Genesis Compilation CD
2014 Genesis Compilation CD

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